It’s a fair question, and the folks over at REDDIT are chewing on it, along with half the attendees who are heading to SDCC this week. In all honesty, is HALL H worth the EXTREME hassle of getting in? I wish there was an easy answer for that, but there are pros and cons:


1. Incredible energy and star power
2. You get the new news FIRST
3. You get to see and hear from your favorite actors
4. Bragging rights

1. Although you get the new news first, it’s on the web exactly 5 seconds later
2. Looooooooooooooong-ass lines make it impossible to do anything else at the con.
3. You miss out on tons of cool stuff that your other friends are doing
4. These days, you MUST camp out usually to get in — a definite negative for us.
5. It ruins the rest of your day/evening because you’re too tired to do anything else.

Check out what the folks at REDDIT are saying.

VICE has a pretty negative take on it….don’t pay any attention to all their super-downer crap, but their opinions on the HALL H line is worth noting. 

FILM SCHOOL REJECTS has good advice on how to survive the HALL H line.

BEHIND THE THRILLS has a positive take on HALL H from last year.

My opinion? It’s great if you can get in, but for my money, I won’t be wasting my entire Comic Con sitting in the HALL H line. Instead, I’ll be hitting cool panels, eating, and enjoying the Gaslamp district.

Tell us what you plans are….is it worth it?

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