WONDERCON 2024 BADGES ON SALE NOW (Early-bird prices til Jan. 10)

Arguably our FAVORITE convention experience of the year is coming up and BADGES are on sale now. WONDERCON, the little sister event of San Diego Comic-Con, is hitting Anaheim March 29-31, and we think it will finally be back to its pre-pandemic glory. Grab your badges here.


Early-bird badges are available until January 10, after which the normal prices kick in. But let’s be honest, Wondercon badge prices aren’t that bad even without a discount. And for those of you on the fence about going, let me assure you—Wondercon is one of the best fan convention experiences you can have. Why? I’ll give you five reasons:

  1. It’s like San Diego Comic-Con, but without the overwhelming lines and unattainable badges—movies, comic books, cosplay, and actors galore.
  2. The cosplay is off-the-charts awesome…. there’s actually enough “elbow room” for cosplayers to dress in their best and biggest cosplays.
  3. It has a huge entertainment/Hollywood industry presence, with tons of first-look previews and exclusive announcements about upcoming films and TV shows.
  4. Exclusives, exclusives, exclusives! Besides the mothership San Diego convention, Wondercon has perhaps the most exclusive loot around.
  5. Artist Alley is one of the most expansive and enjoyable of the con circuit. Yeah, San Diego’s might (we emphasize “might”) be bigger, but Wondercon’s is arguably more accessible. Artists love coming to Wondercon. The availability to talk and meet working artists (of both new and established books) makes the journey worth the effort.

And we know we said five reasons, but here’s a bonus: Wondercon is directly across the street from the Disneyland Resort, with so much to do after the convention closes.


First, you must create a MEMBER ID. Click here for more info.

The 3-Day badge option will not be available after the early bird period. If you purchase all three single days, your badge will automatically be consolidated into a 3-Day badge when it is printed. This automatic consolidation is not eligible for the discounted price offered during the early bird period.

WonderCon offers a limited quantity of industry badges for professionals, retailers, exhibitors, program participants, and members of the press. Info at the links below:

PROFESSIONALS: Each verified professional may request a complimentary WonderCon 2024 badge for up to two guests, until capacity is reached.

PRESS: We require that applying press outlets demonstrate a minimum of 18 months of continuous coverage. Freelance press members are required to provide an assignment letter from the outlet they wish to represent.

PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS: All panel and badging correspondence takes place directly between the Comic-Con Programming Department and the Panel Key Contact.


EXHIBITORS: Exhibitor badges are only available to confirmed booth or table participants at the current year’s WonderCon.

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