Hold on to your butts! Thirty years ago, Steven Spielberg gave dinosaurs a starring role in his earth-shattering film JURASSIC PARK and began a global phenomenon that still shakes the ground today. THE CON GUY’s Luke Cheeseman celebrates by unboxing some of the BIGGEST (literally) and most sought-after collectibles, figures, and toys commemorating the 30th anniversary of Spielberg’s classic dino-tale, including the Jurassic World Hammond Collection, Funko, Mattel, Entertainment Earth, and San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. We spared no expense.


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.Bring It All Home!
Wanna get these Jurassic Park collectibles for yourself? Links are below.


Dilophosaurus, Hammond Collection from Mecari 

Jurassic World Dr. Ellie Sattler Dinosaur Toy Risky Legacy Rescue Pack 

T-Rex, Hammond Collection from Best Buy

SDCC 2022 Exclusive Jurassic Park Hammond T-Rex from Mecari

Dr. Alan Grant, Hammond Collection from Mecari

Mattel Jurassic Park Brachiosaurus, The Hammond Collection, 30 Year Anniversary 

Funko POP! Town #30 Jurassic Park John Hammond with Gates, Target Exclusive

Jurassic Park – 5.5 Inch Raptor Claw Zinc-Alloy All Purpose Dinosaur Fossil Bottle Opener

Jurassic Park, San Diego Comic-Con: What Happens To Ray Arnold In His Final Scene? Figure set.

Luke’s Jurassic Park Shirt from RSVLTS

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