Concept To Creation, Inc. Announces WonderCon 2023 Panel and Guests

Concept To Creation Inc. has announced the ‘Writers Workshop’ panel which will take place from 6:00pm – 7:00pm in Room 210 this Saturday, March 25 at the Anaheim Convention Center.


Do you have an idea for a script or a book you want to write? Do you have it all written down and don’t know what to do next? The ‘Writers Workshop’ panelists will give insight into the creative process behind film, television and literature and the challenges that come with turning a concept into a creation.

Hosted by C2C founder, April Wahlin (Actor/Stand-In and Author of Thirteen Offerings and Pandora Syndrome), this year’s panel includes:

  • David Yarovesky, Director of Brightburn and Nightbooks
  • Jessica Maison, Writer/Publisher of Plastic Girl and Mary Shelley’s School For Monsters
  • Tessa McFionn, Author of A Curse of Forever and A Divine’s Retribution
  • Heath Harper, Actor
  • The Boxleitner Brothers, Sam and Lee, Directors/Screenwriters/Actors of Downstairs and Rupert

The WonderCon panelists will participate in a Q&A discussion with attendees to answer questions about writing, directing, publishing and other creative endeavors. See the panel on the WonderCon program schedule here:

April Wahlin states:

“I created Concept To Creation Inc. because there can be many pitfalls along one’s creative journey. I’ve certainly had my share throughout my years in the entertainment industry and as a novelist. It is a labor of love. There are so many of us that are drawn to the creative arts in its many forms. Our goal at C2C is to help support and encourage creatives to thrive in their chosen industry.”

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