PODCAST :: THE CON GUY Welcomes THE CON GIRLS to Celebrate Our Favorite Ladies of Fandom!

Hot on the heals of the finale of Marvel’s epic WANDAVISION, we celebrate our favorite ladies of fandom with our brand-new sister site THE CON GIRLS! In honor of International Women’s Day, we pay tribute to Dr. Beverly Crusher, Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, our favorite Dr. Who companions, some Battlestar icons, and—of course—an incomparable princess from the Star Wars universe. That, and so much more!


3 thoughts on “PODCAST :: THE CON GUY Welcomes THE CON GIRLS to Celebrate Our Favorite Ladies of Fandom!

  1. And now, at last, your list of great female characters
    Love Dr. Beverley Crusher! She really crushed it, character and actress. And she raised Wesley.

    And yes, Nichelle Nichols, as Lt. Unura, helped pave the way.

    Asoka Katano/Rosario Dawson: I’ve mostly missed, from not having cable access, then not being able to keep up. Don’t know what the controversy was about. NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast cited research that shows 30% of what decides political leaning is genetic, so nature selected for both liberals and conservatives. Surprise! Humanity works best when it has both a break and an accelerator, working together.

    Catherine Tate/Donna Noble: Yes! And I also love that they didn’t shoe-horn in a love story. They don’t do that to the guys.

    And yes, not just “This is a girl!”

    “Harrison Dola!”? Oh. Hera’s in … something. OH! Kara, Sorry, still confused. I’m actually “on the short bus,” for a variety of reasons, all from the neck up, and sometimes I really need things spelled out for me.

    I would have loved it if, as she was holding her dying father, Eowyn had told him “Dad, he actually said “No man can kill me!'” and dad dies laughing. Or maybe laughter really is the best medicine, and he survives, to brag about his daughter, endlessly.

    And yes, Tolkien and the film crew handled the situation well. Eowyn doesn’t stop being a woman, she doesn’t get stuck in a love triangle.

    And yes, taking down the “ellyphont.” When Front Row Film Roasters riffed “Return of the King,” I posted “Hephalumps!” in Twitch chat.

    Because I was so busy with night classes, tabletop RPGs (which pulled me out of 30 years’ clinical depression), and couldn’t find out what was on broadcast, when, I only saw about 5 minutes of “Lost,” ever.

    My 5 minutes of “Lost” ended when some grumpy old guy shoots a woman who says she’s there to rescue them.” Again, for mental health reasons, I have to stay away from dark stuff, and that was just too s****y to me.

    I was introduced to Narnia when I was 7, about 55 years ago. I did see the first of the BBC versions, and wasn’t put off by the pantomime Aslan, with the unfortunate back legs.

    And Lucy is great.

    Do you know about the Double Edge, Double Bill podcast? They cover one good movie, and one bad movie, most often connected by something, in each episode. Doing that with female characters would be great.

    Zoe is great, and there aren’t enough great black female characters, but they do go way back, to “Julia” and Mannix’ secretary, and Uhura, in the 1960s. So wish there was more “Firefly.”

    Dana Scully is great, but much of “X Files” was too dark for me.

    I love Felicia Day, from “The Guild” and MST3K. I’ve not caught any of “Supernatural,” because I’ve been afraid it would be too dark for me. And there’s just too much content for me to keep up. Now you’ve given me a reason to try to catch some.

    And Felicia Day is streaming on Twitch? I will Google her, right now. …
    Okay, bookmarked. But she has over 200k followers, so I’ll still mostly be watching Twitch channels I love already, that have only a couple hundred, or dozens of followers.

    Good for you, letting notable people just shop in the store. Felicia Day appreciates that, I’m sure.

    There was an “Aliens’ series, that ran 5 years? I didn’t even know, until now.

    Oh. “Alias”? I’ve heard of it, but no one every gave me any info about it. I still don’t know about it.

    Jennifer Garner sounds wonderful. I know I’d recognize her if I saw her, but ay being “special” is getting in the way.

    I’ve never seen any of the new “Battlestar Galactica,” even though I’ve heard great things about it.

    Katie Sackhoff also sounds amazing. I’ll ask my best roommate ever if he minds watching through “The Mandalorian” again. Why he didn’t tell me he was watching it, I don’t know. I’ve heard great things about “The Mandalorian,” but there’s so much great content. I prioritize what I can watch with friends and what really needs another follower.

    Carrie Fisher is a great writer. I regret only getting to one of her books, her first one, so far. I want to read Delusions of Grandma.

    And yes, strong, bold, smart, wise Leia Organa is so great an inspiration.

    Hermione is great, too, but of course way too young for me. I would have kept up with her, academically, at that age, but not socially.

    I’ve stayed away from Game of Thrones because I know GRR Martin would depress me. He turned me off from Wild Cards.

    And I’m really behind on podcasts. I wish I had time to keep up with more people. I’m happy I got to meet you here, on The Con Guy.

    Mr. Cleaver, thank you for your service. I know the vaccines are good, because no one in medicine wants to hand a shload of ammo to the anti-vaxers. I’ve already had my first Pfizer shot. I’m spreading the word, not the virus.

    Thanks for reading all this. As a token of appreciation, here’s a cartoon, featuring to female characters, a couple of kittens playing Sherlock Holmes.


    Stay safe.

  2. I loved “Fighting with my Family,” and I just haven’t been able to get into wrestling.

    Thanks for warning me off “Wanda-Vision.” It probably would make me laugh, until the reveals start, and the dark truth comes out. For health reasons,

    I need to stay away from dark stuff. “Black Lightning” is about my limit (And I don’t mean “dark’ because of skin tone. White people threw me away, over 55 years ago.).

    Now there are some great female characters. Sorry I’m so bad with names.

    What? I’d heard MODOK would be a comedy, but Patton Oswalt? Wheee! So waiting for that! I also love Patton Oswalt, even though so many people’s poor enunciation had me thinking “Pat Noswalt?”

  3. I’m too “special” to remember the Con Girls’ definition of a dweeb, but from what they said about what defines a dork, I’m afraid they’re going to meet someone during the first moment that person has ever felt cool at all, and mistake that for the “dork” thinking “they’re the coolest person in the world,” something that person has never thought. Please, please, be very careful.

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