Earlier this year, THE WALKER STALKER conventions seemed to implode in a very big way. As we wrote in January this year, “They seem to have imploded, disintegrating into chaos, no-shows, and a whole lot of confusion… Things went downhill fast in late 2018. Gold tickets/photo combos that were sold suddenly changed conditions without notice. Refunds didn’t come and bills didn’t get paid — including fees to actors and talent — and controversies started popping up all over.”


That was then…. this is now! 3fams Productions, the creators of the first-ever SopranosCon, MobMovieCon, and BoxingCon, is pleased to announce it has purchased the assets of Walker Stalker and Heroes & Villains, the Walking Dead and Comic Conventions.  3fams will make them available to the public virtually via its new VirtualCons app, with plans to host a live, in-person event in 2021.

VirtualCons, is a free downloadable app accessed via the web and mobile, designed to bring the “con” (convention) experience to fans across a variety of genres of entertainment 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world.  The app’s beta version launched in mid-September with unique content for fans of The Sopranos.  For more information, please visit www.VirtualCons.com and www.3fams.com.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to resurrect Walker Stalker and to regain the trust of the show’s millions of fans,” said Michael Mota, CEO, 3fams Productions.  “We are looking forward to delivering a high-quality, virtual convention experience in partnership with fan-favorite Walking Dead, horror, and sci-fi stars, complemented by additional unique content via our app until it is safe to gather in-person again.”

Walker Stalker and Heroes & Villains will be managed by Crystal DeVito, Operations for 3fams, who has a decade of experience in the fan convention industry.

“Walker Stalker was an incredibly successful fan convention, which unfortunately fell on some hard times,” said DeVito. “In speaking with its co-founder, James Frazier, we understand what made Walker Stalker Con successful, and what led to its closing, and we believe our team can bring back the convention that so many fans once loved.”

Ticket holders from previous Walker Stalker events that were either canceled or postponed who have not been reimbursed for their tickets may visit www.walkerstalkercon.com to request a refund.

“As fans ourselves, we know how important it is to regain the trust of the amazing Walker Stalker community, and that is why it is Walker Stalkers LLC’s first priority to reimburse every fan who purchased tickets for canceled events, and vendors who were impacted as well,” continued DeVito.  “To that end, the monies Walker Stalkers LLC takes in will be used immediately to refund those parties until all are reimbursed.”

Walker Stalker will be added to the VirtualCons lineup on October 31st.  Fans will have access to unique opportunities for interaction with favorite celebrities, such as one-on-one meet and greets, personalized shout-outs, and university style classes; exclusive viewership of never-before-seen footage; chat rooms, forums and more. When COVID-19 restrictions are scaled back, the app will serve as a guest’s passport for in-person conventions while continuing to provide remote access for fans around the world. 

“We are so grateful for the opportunity to take on this challenge, to carry on the original vision of the founders of Walker Stalker, and bring this event back from the dead, no pun intended,” concluded DeVito.

About 3fams Productions

3fams Productions began in January of 2019 when three ‘Sopranos’ super fans from different states connected on social media, met up, and decided to form a company together. What started out as a dream imagined by co-founder Joseph Fama and his wife, Gina, evolved into a global phenomenon when Fama and meme master Daniel Trader teamed up with entrepreneur Michael Mota to launch SopranosCon.

After a successful SopranosCon, the trio launched 3fams Productions, in partnership with Federico Castelluccio (Furio Giunta in The Sopranos), to reach even more fans with a variety of interests, including MobMovieCon, BoxingCon, Don’t Stop! The SopranosCon Story documentary, and the new VirtualCons app.  For more information, please visit www.3fams.com.

About the Co-Creators

Michael Mota, Co-founder of SopranosCon and Chief Executive Officer at 3fams Productions

Michael’s resume is almost as big as his love for The Sopranos.  A former Vice President of Sales at Mediapeel, a mid-sized advertising agency, and former Vice President of Business Development at ALEX AND ANI, Michael brings more than 10 years of professional marketing experience to the team. Michael is also the founder and CEO of ATOM Media Group, co-owner of Lola’s Lounge & Cantina, and a partner at Skyline at Waterplace, an upscale wedding and event venue in Rhode Island.  He has coordinated several Sopranos-related events in the past.

Joseph Fama, Co-founder & Concept Inventor of SopranosCon, Chief Creative Officer at 3fams Productions

Joseph is the owner of Famous Signs Inc., a full-service design, décor, printing, and graphics company, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Specializing in apparel, interior, and graphic design, his visual design experts have brought countless events to life throughout the tri-state area. With a deep love for The Sopranos and superb attention to detail, Joseph’s team succeeded in creating the most visually dynamic atmosphere imaginable for the first ever SopranosCon.  Joseph is also the creator of @sopranos_sketches on Instagram.

Daniel Trader, Co-founder of SopranosCon and Chief Operating Officer at 3fams Productions

Daniel launched The Sopranos – Time Immemorial (@timeimmemorial_) in 2008 as a simple tribute to the series, which has evolved into a major fan conduit and creative network of super fans now boasting the largest fan following on Facebook with nearly 170,000 followers, some of whom are former cast members and people close to the series. Since its inception, Time Immemorial has helped develop several pages and private online communities, and more recently launched t-shirt company 5fams in collaboration with dear friends and event collaborators Sopranosgram, Mafia Chronicles, and Hardcore Italians.


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