Halloween is just around the corner, and as mainstay seasonal attractions in Central Florida shutter to a close due to the ongoing pandemic, others have risen in their stead. One such attraction is Scream N’ Stream, a unique take on the typical hayride experience that has guests drive their cars through scenes of a horror movie come to life. Located at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures, the drive is about an hour from downtown and 45 minutes from Walt Disney World. Considering this was my first drive-through horror experience, I had many questions leading up to the evening, and I’m here to shed some light on this dark new attraction.

Nestled off the edge of Boggy Creek, the surrounding forest paints an air of foreboding and sets the tone as the headlights of cars prior to you and behind you disappear into the foliage. Scream N’ Stream does a great job of pacing and makes you feel like you’re partaking in your own private experience. Along the way you can choose to roll your windows down and even talk towards the socially distanced and face-masked scareactors. The experience lasts just a little over a mile and has cars paced apart by stop and go lights that allow scareactors to play out their scenes.

After the looped drive, you’re conveniently led to the parking lot where you can stop and walk into to Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. The building itself houses a gift shop and dining room, and opens up to a sprawling courtyard with plenty of space to walk and experience the haunt’s other attractions.

Parched or experiencing zombie-like cravings? There is a take-out window to the kitchen where you can order an assortment of beverages and foods including their famous fried gator. On the opposite side of the park is the Tiki Bar that also offers libations.

Next to the Tiki Bar is the stage for The Bog Queen, a mysterious and monstrous beauty of the bayou that will reveal herself throughout the evening and lure you in with legends and lore. On the other side of the bar is the entrance to the other featured attraction, the haunted airboat tour. The 20-minute ride gets you deep into the gator-infested waters of the Everglades, and features a guide who will share ghost stories and get you up close to the nocturnal wildlife for a guaranteed encounter.

Towards the back of the park is the Native American Village, an authentic replica of what life was like for Native Americans along the swamp. Led by the Big Mountain family, decedents of the local tribe, the area is a living history museum in the daytime, and morphed into a zombie hunting ground at night. I had a moment to speak with the teacher and guide, Little Big Mountain, who explained that in the coming nights, he will be teaching guests bow and arrow techniques and offer an opportunity to try out their new skills in an undead shooting range.

Halloween certainly isn’t cancelled with creative and unique experiences like this. Scream N’ Stream is a ghoulishly good time and is supplemented by even more opportunities for guests to get scared outside of their comfort zone just a bit with the attractions at Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures. Drive to your doom if you dare on select Friday and Saturday nights through September and October.

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