This week we bring the Black Lives Mater discussion into the world of Fandom and Nerd Culture, with three awesome guests who happen to be massive fans of the comic-con universe: Animation director Chris Copeland, author and college professor Thomas Parham, and attorney and producer Karen Thompson. Through the lens of fandom and fan conventions, we discuss how fans can support equality and effect change—and how we move forward in unity without the political bickering that seems to drag down so many others.


Our special guests for this week’s show:

CHRIS COPELAND: Director for Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts on Netflix, Animation artist for Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, The Death and Return of Superman, Young Justice, Mike Tyson Mysteries, and many many more.

THOMAS PARHAM: Professor and Executive Director of the Film Department of Asuza Pacific University, author of the book “Hailing Frequencies Open: Communication in Star Trek: The Next Generation,” writer for JAG TV series, and frequent convention guest.

KAREN THOMSON: Entertainment and Technology Attorney, Business Development and Transmedia Consultant, Film Producer, STEM and sci-fi geek, and a huge fan of Christopher Reeve’s Superman.

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