Let’s celebrate Wondercon! With the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the shutdown of basically the entire world, it’s good to remember back to the great conventions from last year, including Anaheim’s spectacular Wondercon, the little sister convention of San Diego Comic-Con. Wondercon has established itself as a fan-favorite event for cosplay, spectacular entertainment panels, and one of the most extensive rosters of celebrity and industry-specific sessions on the convention circuit…not to mention one of the most legendary after-hours party spots in the industry—the lobby bar at the Hilton. Every night of the convention, tons of vendors, panelists, artists, and folks-on-the-inside gather to celebrate the geek-fueled passions that connect us. Since we can’t gather together for Wondercon this year, let’s not get bitter, but instead, look back and remember the awesomeness that was 2019, and look forward with hope to an even better 2021. Celebrate Wondercon…. or whatever fan convention that made an impression on your last year. Here’s our gallery of Wondercon 2019.


Our own Ben Kleiwer hosted the Con Guy’s very first Wondercon panels featuring the Power Rangers!

The cast of MARVEL’S Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cheeseman, as Indiana Jones, mixes it up with some Marvel cosplayers.

Cheeseman Indy hangs with Captain Planet inside the Hilton Lobby Bar at night after the convention closes.





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