Check Out This Awesome New 90s-Themed Website for ‘Captain Marvel’

Ready to go retro and dive back into the 90s? Well get your flannels ready, because Captain Marvel is going to get all your 90s nostalgia going strong. The film is set smack dab in the middle of the decade of grunge, boybands and Walk-mans…. not to mention pagers. And the marketers of Marvel are taking full advantage of that throwback fever with a brand-new Captain Marvel website that looks like it was unearthed from a mid-90s time capsule. Check out some of it right here:


Notice the super neon-colored graphics, and the 3-D titles that jump off the page? It harkens back to the days when websites would play music upon opening, words would start scrolling and flashing, titles would POP up–everything that we’d never do today (but maybe we should!).

When I was on the Captain Marvel set back in May, I was able to pilfer around one of the props storage areas, and one of the coolest things I found were the storage bins for all the 90s props. Such as Walk-mans, skateboards, pagers, bulky cell phones, and that other 90s stuff.

Here’s another page on the Captain Marvel site:

Ha ha, Nick Fury and the cat (named Goose)…. remember back when websites had those glittery borders? When people (myself included) would cut out photos to make something look “cool,” like we see above? And everything had some crazy background. Love it!

Oh, and just for fun–whenever you see the image of the older lady on the train pop up, click on it–she’s a Skrull hiding in plain site.

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