Tour of Haddonfield — Michael Myers Celebrates His 40th Anniversary By Taking Us On A Tour of the Filming Locations in HALLOWEEN (1978)

Four decades ago, THE SHAPE stalked unsuspecting teens around the streets of…. Pasadena? That’s right–the setting of John Carpenter’s classic 1978 film HALLOWEEN is in Haddonfield, Illinois, but it was actually filmed in and around South Pasadena, California, and Hollywood, California. On this 40th anniversary of “the night he came home,” Michael Myers shows us around the sites that were used in the original film in our annual “Tour of Haddonfield.” Enjoy!


This year, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of HALLOWEEN, there were four of us on the Scare Guy’s annual trip to Haddonfield: Cheeseman on the Couch (Luke), Frye Guy (Jim), Brad, and J.J….. we made a run around the sites before we went to see the brand-new film HALLOWEEN (2018). And yes, as always, Michael Myers himself showed us around. Here’s a few photos from this year:


Check this out as Michael Myers shows up at his old house in South Pasadena and scares the terrified tourists who are taking photos — no one expected him to “come home” again!

Who says Michael is “all work and now play?” On our tour, Michael showed his funny side, hamming it up for the camera is these fun photos around his neighborhood–which included an art show right behind his house featuring the work of Kim Gotlieb, the on-set photographer for John Carpenter.


And if you want to know our take on the new HALLOWEEN 2018 film — lots of opinions on this one, folks — check out SCARE GUY SHOW, below:

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