Michael Lives! Best and Biggest Moments From ‘Halloween: 40 Years of Terror’

THE SHAPE. He’s “been killing it” for four decades and shows no signs of slowing down. The unholy trio of Michael, Laurie, and Doctor Loomis turn 40 this year, so HorrorHound, one of the largest organizers of horror conventions in the country, threw the official 40th Anniversary Celebration in Pasadena, CA, the location where most of the filming took place. Here’s the BEST and BIGGEST moments from the weekend…. but first, check out our SCARE GUY video-cast for our opinions on the event…. right here:


HorrorHound is the same company that organized the 35th Halloween celebration, so many of the people in attendance had already “been there, done that,” but there’s something a bit more monumental about 40 than there is 35. Besides, a brand-new Halloween film is out this year, adding more resonance and importance to the celebration.

Although the convention was dedicated to all the films in the franchise (including the two Rob Zombie films), three of the movies seemed to get the lion’s share of attention. The original HALLOWEEN, of course, was the queen of the ball (as it should be), with stars and crew from the original film garnering more attention (and the longest autograph lines) of anyone… including us! See the photos below.

The other two films that stood out, though, were HALLOWEEN II and, perhaps surprisingly, HALLOWEEN 3: SEASON OF THE WITCH. It seems that part 3 has developed a very strong cult following. Now, after years of less-than-stellar Michael Myers sequels, the premise of a Halloween-branded film without Michael is sort of interesting.

Couple gets engaged during the HALLOWEEN II Panel


One of the best parts of the convention was meeting the stars and crew from the films… here’s our gallery, which includes what each person looked like during filming.

P.J. Soles, who played Linda in Halloween 1978.


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