AFTERBUZZ AFTERSHOW: A Double-Shot of Mulder, Scully, and The Mom From “HOME” (!) This Week: X-Files Season 11, Episode 3

The episodes just keep getting better! Me and Frank break down this week’s episode, “Plus One.” It’s all about dopplegangers, skitzo craziness, and the return of one of the most memorable guest stars in the history of X-Files, the mom from “Home”! Buckle in kiddos, because this week it’s a double-shot of X…..


Hosts discuss X-Files for the episode “Plus One.” AFTERBUZZ TV — X Files is a weekly “after show” for fans of Fox’s X Files. In this show, hosts Jim Frye and Frank Moran discuss episode 3.

Comments from the show:

Yvonne Fisher
Interesting the bit about St. Rachel. The door bell in the hotel was a church chime announcing the time. They really were pointing out the hotel name and the time.
Is it possible that the episode order was rearranged by the network?
Anthony Parker
BlackRobin71 I don’t think with this show but that does happen sometimes when shows are released in another nation

They did it last season.


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