TONIGHT! The Best Horror of 2017 — AND, We Discuss That SHOCKING Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale With Last Year’s Talking Dead Ultimate Fans

In our final SCARE GUY show of the year, we pick 2017’s BEST horror films, TV shows, and haunted experiences…. it’s BEST HORROR of 2017. But first, we tackle that shocking Walking Dead mid-season finale. Yes, this show contains all kinds of spoilers — for the entire year! Please join the conversation.


Popcorn Talk Network, the online broadcast network that features movie discussion, news, interviews and commentary proudly presents “The Scare Guys Horror Show.”

Welcome to our Ghosts of Christmas edition of the Scare Guy. This week we discuss THAT BIG MOMENT on the mid-season finale of the Walking Dead with some special guests you may recognize, we look at all these new Haunted Christmas attractions—crazy! And we give you our picks for the best and worst in Haunts and Horror in 2017. Welcome to THE SCARE GUY, where we celebrate everything that’s scary fun! Tonight’s Contributors: Jim Frye, Luke Cheeseman, Derek Samms, and very special guests Jill Robi and Brandenn Orban-Griggs, the winners of last year’s ULTIMATE FAN CONTEST on Chris Hardwick’s The Talking Dead. Check out their site

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