MICHAEL MYERS’ NEIGHBORHOOD! Michael Takes Us On A Tour Of The Filming Locations From The 1978 Halloween

The setting of John Carpenter’s classic 1978 film HALLOWEEN is in Haddonfield, Illinois, but it was actually filmed in and around Hollywood, California. Here, Michael Myer’s shows us around the sites that were used in the film, in both South Pasadena and Hollywood.



Okay, in full disclosure, we had some folks peeking through their blinds watching us as we filmed those night shots–especially at the Tommy Doyle house location. Someone upstairs kept a stern eye on us. Here’s a clip from our most recent THE SCARE GUY show, where “Cheeseman on the Couch” tells how we put this video together. Check out our SCARE GUY clip below — we promise, you’ll enjoy it! We always have a good time… WATCH HERE >>>


And here are some photos we got of Michael just goofing around his old stomping grounds.

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