We LOVED Warner Bros Halloween Event — Horror Made Here — An Intimate Horror Experience!

Universal isn’t the only Studio getting in on the Halloween game — now, Warner Bros has thrown open its creaky, haunted doors to welcome guests behind-the-screams of its best-known and hugely popular horror franchises. It’s called HORROR MADE HERE, and we experienced it up-close and personal. Check out our SCARE GUY HALLOWEEN SHOW, where we give our take on this event. You can watch right here:


And then, feel free to check out our photo galleries and videos from the event, here below. Warner Bros has some of the BEST horror brands around, which include Stephen King’s IT (the biggest horror film of all time), the Conjuring universe of films, Freddy Krueger’s Nightmare on Elm Street films, Jason’s Friday the 13th slasher flicks, and the perhaps the most terrifying of all films — The Exorcist.

These titles, along with other fan favorites such as The Lost Boys (yes!), True Blood, A Little Shop of Horrors, and even The Shining find themselves part of Warner Bros Halloween event called “Horror Made Here.” WOW, what a blast. This is the second year that The Scare Guy attended, and we can attest that this event has grown exponentially in just a year. Here’s an overview of our experience:

Two of horror fandom’s biggest baddies inhabit the “jungle” backlot area of Warner Bros. And even though this area was used for productions ranging from Jurassic Park (the “please drive faster” T-Rex chase scene) to the 70s-era The Waltons, during Halloween it’s home to Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger, two kingpins of 80s schlocktastic splatter films who still drive audiences crazy to this day.

Here, Cheeseman finds out that Jason means business.

Few films in recent memory have had such a huge impact as the new version of Stephen King’s It. Although the debate will forever rage over which Pennywise makes the better villain, and which IT is the better film, the fact remains that last year’s IT had the biggest September opening ever and went on to claim the title as the biggest horror film of all time. Its heartfelt tale of the terrors of childhood connected with audiences, and made Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise the stuff of nightmares — and an instant horror classic. It makes sense, then, that Warner Bros would milk this killer clown for all its worth. And for the record, this was one of the horror mazes that we couldn’t wait to do twice because we loved it so much the first time. You’ll be dodging Pennywise throughout, but also jumping at the site of Georgie, the Losers, or even the stupid bully who kept getting on everyone’s nerves in the film. And beware those red balloons — they always mean something bad is on the way.

The Exorcist… just the mention of the film still rattles many folks. All that green pea soup and head-spinning and naughty crucifix action was enough to shock the country. And in most “Scariest Movie” lists, it still ranks at the top. The Exorcist Experience (inside the church from LOST BOYS!) is pretty intense…. and, dare I say, a lot better than the Exorcist maze from last year’s Halloween Horror Nights over at Universal. Guests are treated to a screening of the film’s highlights together with spooky affects and the jump-scares when Regan shows up.

The Conjuring Universe… Blumhouse has managed to create one of the scariest (and most lucrative) film franchises ever, headlined by The Conjuring films. They tell the story of world-famous ghost-hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren (most famous for their involvement with the Amityville Horror story). And in my opinion, the Conjuring haunted house at Warner Bros is one of the best of Halloween. Guests get an up-close experience where actors make you feel as if you’re part of the Lorraine’s “museum” of haunted artifacts. New horror icons Annabelle and The Nun are also on hand…. and WOW, the Nun scare is one of the best!

Arkham Asylum… Batman ain’t there, but we get plenty of Joker and Harley love in this madcap, mess-up maze that explores the craziness inside the psych asylum of Gotham.

It may be over 30 years old (1987!), but Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys are still the coolest vampires ever (no sparkling here, folks). And although there wasn’t a haunted house or maze for the Boys, there was an arcade (blasting the Lost Boys soundtrack). Plus, fans (like myself) could take their photo on the ramp at the back of the church where the Frog Brothers and Sam filled up their squirt guns with holy water.


And here’s the rest, including T-shirts, and a cool Tim Burton display.



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