Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles Is Inviting Everyone To A Real Ghost Hunt In a Haunted House and Amityville 3D Screening

It’s time for some real-life ghost-busting! No lie — I’ve always wanted to do this! We’ve all seen the Ghost Hunting shows on TV and if we’re honest, we’ve always wanted to give it a try, right? (C’mon, don’t lie). Well if you’re in the LA area on September 29 this year, you’ll have a chance to put your ghost-hunting skills to work–and then catch a schlocky-but-cool 3D horror flick screening outside next to the haunted house. That’s because GHOULA (Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles) and The 3D Space will be screening “AMITYVILLE 3D” (in 3D) outdoors next to an ACTUAL HAUNTED HOUSE for an evening of haunted house-themed entertainment…. so awesome.


Here’s the info:

Calling all ghost-hunters, paranormal-investigators, psychics, sensitives, and those interested in possibly getting a glimpse of the “other side.” Whether you are a seasoned pro or first-timer,…


for our first-ever “HAUNTED HOUSE EXPERIMENT!”

The Movie: Amityville 3D (Rated PG.)
The House: The Hale House (Heritage Square Museum)
The Date: September 29 (Saturday)
The Time: Walk-thru tours start 7:00 pm (The movie starts at 8:00pm)
The Location: Heritage Square Musum
3800 Homer St, Los Angeles, CA 90031 (map)

Admission: $13.00

The MovieAmityville 3D (1983) Join us for the 35th anniversary of the only feature-length haunted house movie shot in 3D, and arguably the best entry in the Amityville series. However, it is worth noting that because of a lawsuit between the Lutz family (the one-time owners of the infamous house) and the film’s producer, and despite the use of the term 3D in the title which would imply it is the third film in the series (which it really was), Amityville 3D is technically not a sequel to other films and is supposed to be more of a stand-alone reboot with new characters. Regardless of its place in the franchise, the novelty of three-dimensional ghosts is the real reason many aficionados feel this is an underrated classic. So, don’t miss this unique chance to see orbs of ectoplasm float off the screen and into the third dimension!


The Haunted House Experiment: We are putting the ghost lore of the Hale House (pictured below) to the test. Before watching this film about the ghosts of an old haunted house, you can tour this old (haunted) house and maybe have a paranormal experience yourself. If you are (un)lucky enough to actually see/hear/feel something, we want to know about it. As a participant of our “haunted house experiment,” you will receive your own individual floor plan of said house (with a pencil), which will be used to record the location of any “activity” or “heebee-jeebees” you may experience as you walk through this house, room by room (ground floor only). Then, once you have past through all these possibly haunted spaces, please return your (hopefully marked-up) hand-out floor plan to GHOULA. Please keep your info confidential to discourage any copy-cat contamination.

Based on everyone’s goose-flesh data, “hot spots” will be determined and revealed at the end of the screening. The actual stories associated with the house’s ghost(s) will also be revealed, and compared to the collected data. Will there be one room, or area, that most people experience/feel something? If so, will that spot correspond with the known sightings in that house? Join us and find out… if you dare!

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