SURPRISE!!! Deadpool and Friends Showing Up Saturday Night at Comic-Con

The Merc with a Mouth is back at Comic-Con! That’s right — according to the official schedule from Comic-Con, a special Saturday afternoon Hall H panel is gonna happen, along with a surprise screening that night in the Horton Grand of Deadpool 2.


What can we expect? Although no one has been announced, you can bet your butt that Ryan Reynolds will be there — I mean, why would they even plan this event if Deadpool himself wasn’t available. Besides that, a number of the other cast (thus, the name “and friends”) will likely be around for some mayhem. Also, we’re hearing that special behind-the-scenes footage and Blu-ray Extras will be screened, along with some other fun stuff.

According to DEADLINE, “Based on the events from the sequel, we know that all the heroes he originally recruited for his special team may be alive and well so fans may be treated to some details about the X-Force movie spinoff and maybe even get some info about a potential Deadpool 3.”

I gotta tell ya — this is a very, very pleasant surprise. We may not have a Marvel Hall H panel this year, but this is a good replacement.


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