Sucky News: Productions on the Upcoming ‘Indiana Jones 5’ Has Been Delayed

As fanboys everywhere wait anxiously for Indiana Jones to charge back into theaters and erase the disaster that was “Crystal Skull,” word came out today that the wait might a bit longer…. possibly up to a YEAR longer.


According to a. report in Deadline, “The fifth Indiana Jones directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Harrison Ford has been pushed back by months, perhaps even a year. Spielberg is in pre-production on a West Side Story remake and is also looking to direct Mark Rylance in the historical drama The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara. Also, Indiana Jones 5 screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan has yet to sign his deal, but reportedly will do so to give the pic a polish after David Koepp’s first draft. Indiana Jones will now miss its July 10, 2020 release date.”

Dang. After the bad aftertaste left in the mouths of so many fans from The Last Jedi controversy, we were hoping that Indy could ride in and help to unify the fanbase…. (yeah, right — like that’s ever gonna happen). We just wanted more Indy!

Variety adds, “Insiders stress that both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford remain committed to revisiting the beloved franchise about the globe-trotting archaeologist. Spielberg, however, has a full dance card of projects in development and it’s possible one of them will slide in front of the “Indiana Jones” sequel.”

In a development that surprises NO ONE, fans instantly began their toxic chatter. Such as these comments on the Variety thread:

  1. P.S. means “Post Solo.” The last two “Star Wars” entries make “Crystal Skull” look on point.

  2. Has anyone noticed that Lucasfilm is an utter disaster on the management side? When is Disney going to step in? It’s past time, they’re burning through almost all of the goodwill Star Wars had at this point.

I’m holding out for good things! Here’s hoping we can get this movie back on the road again soon.

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