San Diego Comic-Con News: Dr. Who is IN, Westworld and Game of Thrones are Out

Five weeks to go, and the news from San Diego Comic-Con will start to drop every day. Today we got the proverbial good news and bad news. The bad news, though, is kinda surprising (sort of).


First, the good news: Whovians rejoice! Jodie Whittaker will be making her SDCC debut as the 13th Doctor Who. the panel will likely take place in the huge Hall H. Whittaker will be joined on the panel by co-stars Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill, showrunner Chris Chibnall and EP Matt Strevens.

Fans can expect a sneak peek of the 11th season of Dr. Who. The new 10-episode season is scheduled to premiere in the fall with an hourlong opener.

Now the bad news: Fan favorites Game of Thrones and Westworld will not be attending Comic-Con 2018. Yes, you heard that right. HBO has decided to skip the convention completely this year, which is big news considering they’ve had major panels–and MAJOR sponsorship dollars–in San Diego for a loooong time, way back to True Blood days.

Both Thrones and Westworld dominated Hall H, with fans lined up for days for just a peak. With the announcement that Marvel won’t be hosting Hall H this year, we gotta ask — Is Hall H losing its mojo? Somewhat, yes. I mean, there won’t be Marvel, Lucasfilm, or any HBO presence this year. We’ll still have some Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead love, although we’re not sure that’s enough to stoke the fan faithful. And Sunday should have the annual Supernatural blowout.

We hear that some movie studios will be making returns to hawk their wares, such as Sony, Warner Bros (of course), and Universal (which, we hear, might have a huge Blumhouse presence this year). Will Netflix show up? Amazon? Don’t know yet, but for now, it looks like line are gonna be a bit shorter for Hall H. Which means YES! Maybe we’ll actually get in this year.


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