‘Star Wars’ Gets the ‘Arrested Development’ Treatment From Ron Howard — This is Awesome!

Fans of the cult sensation Arrested Development, which ran on Fox TV for three years (and Netflix for one abbreviated year) will freak out over this AWESOME “new episode” of the show featuring witty narration by Ron Howard, but with one major twist — it’s all about Star Wars: A New Hope. What a perfect marriage of the two franchises! Because, if you’ll remember, Ron Howard was the producer and the narrator of the show. In fact, he kinda’ owns the rights. So it only make sense that he’d jump at the chance to have some fun with his old franchise. Check it out right here!



And, of course, check out Ron on this special episode of THE STAR WARS SHOW. It’s awesome to see him taking such care of a franchise created by his friend George Lucas…. remember, back in the day, George hired Ron the classic American Graffiti, one of George’s (and Ron’s) first films. It seems like a sweet, poetic circle of sorts….. or as Darth said, “When I left you, I was but a learner; now I am the master.” (kinda)

Enjoy it here!

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