ACE Parking Has Announced the Dates of the Parking Lottery Sale for San Diego Comic-Con

This is the final shoe to drop, the final date to remember for San Diego Comic-Con — PARKING. We’ve survived returning badge sales. And general badge sales. And the nightmare that is Hotelpocalypse. And then the Waitlist Day for Hotel Sales. But now we’re finally down to the last deadline: Parking. Yes, that’s right, ACE parking has gone to a lottery system, and they’ve officially notified everyone of the dates. Since this has been my less-than-lucky year, I’m in group 5…. dang. Which means I’ll be parking in Tijuana. Actually, that’s not (completely) true…. if I needed parking, then I’d probably be in one of the outter lots…. but HEY, at least it’s a spot. Here’s the note I just got:


This email confirms that you have been drawn in Group 5 of the Ace Parking Comic-Con permit lottery.

Your sale date is currently set to start 05/29/2018 at 10am PDT and end at midnight on 06/03/2018 and will have a five day window to purchase your permits.

Access to the permit sale is based on your email address and it is very important that you understand that you must use the email account that received this message when logging in to the system. Failure to do so will result in you not being able to purchase your parking permits.

Please review the instruction document available at to familiarize you with our system and the steps you will run through to purchase your permits.

For more information about the daily rates and convenience fees for each lot, please visit our Comic-Con FAQ page at

Thank you

-The Ace Parking Team

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