Updated: After all the hub-bub about Hamill’s apparent trash-talk, he tweeted out some updates to clarify his statements. Here they are:

Here’s our original article:

Mark Hamill has never been short on words, whether in the animated Joker’s voice or otherwise. Only the late Carrie Fisher could rival his honest (and biting) remarks among the Star Wars cast (gosh, how we miss her). So it’s no surprise that Mark recently gave his honest opinions about the script for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. What is surprising, though, is that Mark seemed to throw some shade at the script.

According to DEADLINE:

In press junket interviews leading up to the December 15 bow of Episode VIII, Hamill told more than one journalist that he was not keen on writer-director Rian Johnson’s vision of what happens to the character that Hamill has lived since 1977’s original film and knows so well…. “Luke was so optimistic and so hopeful and cheerful. Here he’s is in a very, very dark place,” Hamill told one journalist about the new movie. The actor said he spoke to Johnson about “a fundamental difference” about the integrity of the Luke character, but then said, “It’s not my movie anymore.” Read full article here >>>

Hamill went on to say that he told director Rian Johnson that the characters of Luke and Leia were not being portrayed honestly with how George Lucas created them. In other words, he believed Rian screwed up Luke and Leia…. that’s a pretty huge charge to make.

Hamill also said, “so I almost had to think of another character … but I had to do what Rian wanted me to do because it serves the story well, … I still haven’t accepted it completely.” Then, in another interview, he said, that Luke’s dialogue about the Jedi in The Last Jedi is something he believes Luke never would say.

Our hosts debated the whole thing on our latest show. Check it out here (and join the conversation!):

Hmm, I do think Hamill/Luke might have a point. I liked the film… I’ve seen it twice and I’m heading back on Thursday. But when Luke speaks, Star Wars fans should listen.

Is Hamill speaking truth or is he too full of “Porg meat” to see straight? What do fans think? From the sounds of things, they seem to be split on the merits of the film. I guess only time will tell how history treats Episode VIII.


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