Articles from TIM SCOTT, Our East Coast Scare Guy Correspondent

Here is a selection of articles from TIM SCOTT, a film-maker and the east coast correspondent for The Scare Guy.



Pennywise and Frank ‘N Furter — Two Sides of the Same Coin For Tim Curry
Tim Curry’s Frank N Furter is timeless and beloved not because he’s scary, but because he knows just how ridiculous he is. Read full article here >>>


News from New York Comic Con: The X-Files “Hell on Earth” Trailer, News, and Interview With Chris Carter
In my opinion, X-Files is the best “monster-of-the-week” series ever on television, bar none! It’s the series from which all present-day supernatural mystery shows have sprung. Read full article here >>>


Jamie Lee Curtis Is Back As Laurie Strode In Next Year’s New Halloween Movie
BEST. HALLOWEEN NEWS. EEEEVER! Jamie Lee Curtis confirmed on her own Instagram that she is BACK as Laurie Strode in the next year’s Halloween film. Read full article here >>>


Michael Myers vs. Jason Vorhees — Who Comes Out On Top?
Two of the most famous horror movie slashers of all time square off in this week’s KILLER SHOWDOWN contest. Read full article here >>>


Girls from the SLENDERMAN Case Please Guilty In Stabbing Their Friend
It was the real-life story that horrified the nation and brought Slender Man out of the shadows. Read full article here >>>


Doll Battle: Annabelle vs. Chucky — Who Wins?
This Halloween season, we have the battle of the dolls: ANNABELLE vs CHUCKY. Read full article here >>>

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