We LOVE Adam West, and when we found out that he passed away unexpectedly recently, it really sent us for a loop. He’s the man, the myth, the absolute best Batman of all time. He’s been a regular on the Comic Con and Fan Convention circuit for years, showing everyone the spot-on humor and personality that made him such a respected — and lovable — person. Adam, you will be missed. We encourage you to watch this week’s show, where we spread the trivia out over the entire program, seeing who has the best insight the world of classic (and present) Batman. Watch here:


THE TRIVIA QUESTIONS… all the answers are below.

  1. What new bat vehicle was introduced in the 1966 Batman Movie?
  2. What beverage company did Adam West make commercials for in the 1960s before landing the role of batman?
  3. What was Adam West’s occupation before becoming an actor?
  4. How many seasons did the original Batman series run?
  5. What late-night comic is a huge Adam West fan, and even cast him in a 1991 pilot for TV? The pilot did not get picked up.
  6. What was the role that Adam West played in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants in 2010?
  7. BONUS: Who voiced the adult Mermaid Man?
  8. Does anyone know his name before he moved to LA and legally changed in to Adam West?
  9. Name of the artists who created the comic-book character Bat Man?
  10. Year we were introduced to Batman in the comics?
  11. What was the first comic-book movie to reach $1 billion worldwide boxoffice?
  12. Describe the marketing campaign called “Why So Serious,” that was used to promote The Dark Knight at 2007’s San Diego Comic Con.
  13. While filming the exploding hospital scene in Dark Knight, what was the building that was actually used?
  14. OFFICIAL ANSWER: Why did Katie Holmes, who played Rachel Dawes, not return for The Dark Knight?
  15. UNOFFICIAL ANSWER: Tom Cruise didn’t want her to because he was jealous of Christian Bale; Warner Bros. didn’t want the Tom/Katie romance to overshadow the film.
  16. In the film Batman Begins, which birthday does Bruce Wayne celebrate (how old is he?).
  17. Which actor, who won the best actor Oscar in 1991, was first offered the role of Alfred?
  18. Which actor has been in the most Christopher Nolan films?
  19. What director was originally asked to direct Batman Begins, but turned it down? HINT: The second film in the trilogy shares a strong similarity to his name.
  20. Which villain appeared in all three of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films?
  21. In Nolan’s films, the Batmobile is what type of sports car?
  22. The Dark Knight rises received how many Oscar nominations?
  23. The stadium scene in Dark Knight Rises was filmed in what NFL stadium?
  24. What 1995 film actually had an opening credits scene featuring Ben Affleck on the cover of a comic book as a parody of Bat Man?
  25. Instead of Bat Man, however, Ben Affleck’s character on that cover was referred to as what?
  26. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is Zack Snyder’s second film with the word “Dawn” in the title. What is his other?
  27. What was Zack Snyder’s first film he directed?
  28. IN the LEGO Batman Movie, when Batman arrives at the Fortress of Solitude and presses the doorbell, what is the song/music that plays?
  29. Which Harry Potter characters makes a cameo appearance in LEGO Batman?
  30. Which actor who voiced a villain in LEGO Batman also played a character in Tim Burton’s 1989 movie BATMAN?



  1. BatBoat
  2. Nestle Quick
  3. Radio disc jockey AND an island tour guide.
  4. 2 and half.
  5. Conan O’ Brien.
  6. Young Mermaid Man.
  7. Ernest Borgnine, Adam West’s idol.
  8. William West Anderson.
  9. Bob Kane and Bill Finger co-created the character.
  10. 1939
  11. The Dark Knight.
  12. Clues were left all around the city, show up in front of convention center, one person got into the black SUV. Etc.
  13. Candy factory.
  14. OFFICIAL ANSWER: Scheduling conflict with the film “Mad Money.”
  15. UNOFFICIAL ANSWER: Tom Cruise didn’t want her to because he was jealous of Christian Bale; Warner Bros. didn’t want the Tom/Katie romance to overshadow the film.
  16. 30
  17. Sir Anthony Hopkins. (which film did he win an Oscar for? Silence of the Lambs)
  18. Sir Michael Caine… he appeared in Batman Begins and has appeared in every Christopher Nolan film since then.
  19. Night Shyamalan.
  20. The Scarecrow.
  21. Lamborghini.
  22. Zero
  23. Pittsburg Steelers.
  24. Mallrats.
  25. Buttman.
  26. Dawn of the Dead, 2004.
  27. Dawn of the Dead, 2004.
  28. Theme song of the 1978 movie Superman by John Williams
  29. Voldemort
  30. Billy Dee Williams (Two Face / Harvey Dent).

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