We could get all “are-you-kidding-me” here, but instead, we’re gonna jump on the bandwagon. What bandwagon? Unboxing and haul videos, that’s what.


Why? Because unboxing is big! Who knew? For you doubters out there, consider this: September 4 is being called “Force Friday,” the day all the new products and toys for the upcoming Star Wars Force Awakens film are released. And how are they being released? In a series of unboxing videos, of course, hosted by various “celebrities” (I use that word loosely here) from across the YouTube and online universe. Many Toys R’ Us stores will be opening at midnight for the event – it’s like black Friday after Thanksgiving. Just two months early.

Before you poo-poo (like we did at first) unboxing videos as just another sign that our culture is in the toilet, consider the fact that for attendees at Comic-Cons across the country, Unboxing makes sense. Why? Because exclusives and collectibles are the reason behind much of the mania on the convention floors. So Con Guy scoured the far reaches of the web and found what we consider four of the best unboxing videos from the recent San Diego Comic-Con…Check it out below and subscribe to our YouTube page while you’re there.


Check out our FEATURE VIDEO for a quick roundup, and be watching for future installments of unboxings and hauls from San Diego, Long Beach, New York, and all the other Cons. Also, send us your favorite unboxing videos and we might share it here on the sight.

To see the full video of each our top 4 picks, check out below.

Katie Wilson, Comic-Con July Box unboxing

Funko Pop SDCC 2015 Exclusives Mega Unboxing

Black Nerd unboxing

GamesRadar San Diego Comic Con 2015: Unboxing the Loot Crate

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