Someone asked a question in the forums about the less-trafficked panels, the ones with less hype. He asked: “Do you have any recommendations for panels that probably won’t get the hype but are worth going to because of who’s speaking, or what actually ends up being discussed?”…..YES, YES, and I say HELL YES!


This is a real point of contention for me. If you’ve read many of my posts, you’ll see a theme emerging, and it’s this: although everyone–including me–enjoys seeing their favorite TV or film stars goofing off, the REAL action is with the writers, the producers, the comic book artists, the production designers, and all the awesome, incredible, REAL entertainment and information that can be found in the smaller panels. In my opinion, these smaller panels have less hype but more soul….GO SMALLER. GO SMALLER!

I know I won’t get into the Lucasfilm panel, so I’m gonna plan on something else…probably the same thing with the Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox panels….if I can get in to those biggies, I will…but I’ve got plan B and C lined up. And you know what? Saturday night, instead of wasting time waiting for (and not getting into) 20th Century Fox’s panel (which WILL be awesome!), maybe head over to 14A and see GEEKS SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH: A Look At The Evolution of Geek Culture….it might not have as much pure heat or star wattage, but it makes up for it in insider information, camaraderie….and spirit. And just plain coolness. That’s where I’ll be. See you there!

Oh, and for a much better roundup of the smaller, less-hyped panels, check out these articles:

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