Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief…at least for a couple more years, that is. The San Diego Comic Con has threatened to come the NON-San Diego Comic Con for years now…meaning, it was eyeing both Los Angeles and Anaheim as new digs because of challenges it was having in San Diego…namely, space restraints and the fact that hotel operators GOUGE us during the convention ($300 per night for a dumpy room by Sea World, anyone?)…I even heard rumors of Vegas move, but thank goodness those fell off the radar.


I’m sure some film studios might have been “encouraging” a move to Los Angeles, because it would make it much easier to bring talent…but from what I hear, many of those film and TV folks like “getting out of town” (read: getting the heck out of L.A.) for the weekend and decamping down to San Diego.

Regardless, read more about at VARIETY.

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