Most horror fans know who JOE BOB BRIGGS is, right? If not here’s a quick summary from his personal website: Joe Bob Briggs is a nationally syndicated “drive-in movie critic” (actor John Bloom) whose wise-ass commentary on B-movies has been a staple on long-running late-night television shows, first on The Movie Channel and then on the TNT Network. His latest series is The Last Drive-In, currently featured on AMC’s Shudder Network. Well, Joe Bob is jumping off your TV screen and into your drive-in movie theater (if you ask him nicely), brining a whacky horror fest with him.


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JOE BOB’S HAUNTED DRIVE-IN is a cool, COVID-safe Halloween experience — and lord knows we need some cool Halloween events to fill the COVID-shaped hole left in 2020. Here’s what’s happening.

Joe Bob’s Haunted Drive-In blends a film festival of horror short films with a live zombie invasion. As drive-in expert/horror host Joe Bob Briggs and his friends appear on-screen to present the films, real zombies will take over the drive-in, interacting with the crowd and onscreen entertainment to create a scary, fun, and immersive night unlike any other!



They’re looking for horror films 4-12 minutes (minus credits) in length that are fun, scary, wild, and fast-paced! They especially want great scares or humor…or both! They also need trailers for fake horror films to play in front of the main program! So send in your horror, horror-comedies, animation, monster movies, slashers, thrillers, sci-fi horrors, zombies, vampires, werewolves, haunted houses, and whatever else your twisted mind has created! Selected films will play in drive-ins and/or pop-up screenings in Southern California (and possibly beyond), commented on by Joe Bob.

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Joe Bob Briggs, Darcy the Mail Girl, Felissa Rose, and the cast will appear at select nights for autograph signings. Make sure to sign up for our email list to find out when they’ll appear!


Not much ever happens in the small town of Shock City. But when you find out your favorite horror host Joe Bob Briggs is bringing his film festival of some of the world’s best horror shorts to your local drive-in, you’re in. You pick up your best friends and arrive to the warm neon glow of the Shock City Drive-In sign. The atmosphere is electric. Even the local DJ at K-SHOCK Radio is playing classic Halloween music to get you in the mood. Although the folks at the entrance are a little strange, you find your favorite spot in the theater and settle in with your popcorn. The trailers for upcoming horror films are amazing, then Joe Bob and his co-hosts Darcy the Mail Girl and Felissa Rose hilariously burst onto the screen from the drive-in’s projection booth to present the films they selected to play. The films are awesome, but as the night goes on, you get an uneasy feeling. People keep stopping and staring at your car for a little too long. You see others mysteriously running. Soon enough, a pair of teens disrupt Joe Bob in the projection booth to say that some crazy rabid dude just turned their entire nearby Halloween party into zombies…and now they’re heading for the drive-in and hungry for flesh. Since nothing will stop Joe Bob from putting on his festival, you roll up the windows and brave the invasion of zombies that you may not survive!

Tickets start at $99 per carload. Fit as many people as you like as long as your vehicle has a seatbelt for each of them!

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