Los Angeles (my hometown) is many things, but the right fit for WonderCon it ain’t (at least I don’t think so). Anaheim was perfect: relatively safe; across from Disneyland; plenty of hotel space (for the smaller convention); clean; no homeless panhandlers….it just didn’t have much in the way of food, thus the over-priced and super-slow food trucks (Question: If a food truck doesn’t need to pay for a brick-and-morton building, then why are its prices so darn high?).


Regardless, because of scheduling issues, the Anaheim Convention Center is not available next year, so WonderCon is trotting up Interstate 5 to the Los Angeles Convention Center. And yes, it will again be Easter Weekend….which confuses me, because so many panelists and guests actually have church or family obligations on that weekend (it IS a big day for many folks).

Many people wonder if this is just a “testing ground,” just in case San Diego’s Comic Con needs to find a new home in the event that it outgrows its space in San Diego and/or the hotels start jacking up their rates. (those greedy turds want to gouge us poor nerds through the nose).

For more on the WonderCon move, check out DEADLINE’s story here.

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