A Michael Myers double-feature at the Lost River Drive-In theater! This is probably one of the coolest Halloween-season events I’ve ever heard about — and there’s not way I’m gonna miss it! John Carpenter’s classic Halloween and it’s sequel on the big screen — OUTSIDE! Kick off your Halloween season the best way possible — with Michael! Here’s the trailer for the event — details below:


Premium Double-Feature Tickets

HALLOWEEN (1978) and HALLOWEEN II (1981).

Includes both movies, free popcorn, exclusive merchandise, and other surprises! $59 PER CAR (Up to 4 people per car) + $2.50 processing fee.

WHEN: SUNDAY, September 29, 2019. Starts at 7:30 p.m.

WHERE: Mission Tiki Drive-In Theater. 10978 Ramona Avenue / Montclair, CA 91763.

Click here for more information on how to enjoy your night at Mission Tiki! Can’t wait to see you there!

The Mission Tiki Drive-in is a must-visit location that provides a unique experience for Los Angeles-based cinephiles on a nightly basis. So, when we contacted them to inquire about transforming their venue into the Lost River Drive-In for one night, they eagerly said yes!

The idea for the event is based on a single line of dialogue in HALLOWEEN II. As Nurse Janet watches a news report about the Halloween murders in the hospital break room, she relays a co-worker’s claim that she saw Michael Myers walking in “a field behind the Lost River Drive-In.”

What better place to watch these two iconic horror classics than in Haddonfield, Illinois?

Fun fact… John Carpenter named The Lost River Drive-In in his and Debra Hill’s HALLOWEEN II screenplay after an actual drive-in theater that he used to frequent as a young boy while growing up in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Click here for more information on how to enjoy your night at Mission Tiki!

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