So how did you fare in the San Diego Comic-Con hotel sale? Most people who were successful (NOT US, %&$!) got their confirmation emails either Tuesday, April 16 (the best possible outcome) or Tuesday, April 23…. if, like us, you got neither, then HOPEFULLY you got a waiting list email. Here’s what it looks like:


Important Update Regarding Your Hotel Reservation Request for Comic-Con 2019

Dear NAME,

Thank you for participating in the hotel reservation request process for Comic-Con 2019. All received requests have been processed as outlined on and all placements have been made.

Due to high demand and your placement in the queue, hotel rooms were no longer available when your request was processed. Per your selection on the request form, you have been placed on a waitlist for any available hotel.

2019 Waitlist Process

On Monday, April 29, those who requested to be on the waitlist will have the first opportunity to book from any remaining Comic-Con hotel inventory. An email will be sent to you from and will include the waitlist link.

If you choose to book a hotel, you will be required to pay a deposit equal to two (2) night’s room rate plus tax for each reservation at the time of booking. Inventory will be limited and will sell quickly. Be sure to check your email on Monday, April 29.

Thank you again for your participation in the 2019 hotel sale.

onPeak & Comic-Con International


You have to be ready to VERY QUICKLY respond once you get this email… the hotel inventory will likely sell out pretty quickly (big surprise!).

So, what happens if you don’t get a waiting list email? Well, this is when the scramble begins.

ROOM SWAPS. First of all, try out the Friends of Comic Con forums for room swaps. They’re good people, and they are absolutely respectable. Try your luck there first.

CHECK BACK OFTEN. Because cancellations happen. We actually checked the main hotel list one year a few weeks after the dust had settled, and we found a downtown hotel just lurking there, waiting to be swept up. That’s not unheard of, although definitely not the norm. But seriously, keep on eye on available rooms popping back up in the weeks to come…. don’t wait too long, though, because all those rooms will get taken. But especially if you don’t mind NOT being downtown, a room will become available. Just just try to get a hotel on the shuttle routes–or at least close to it.

USE HOTELS.COM. Yeah, sounds kinda basic and obvious, but it works. Sure, many of the hotels will be super-pricey, but not all…. and you know what, you can snag a place as long as you don’t mind driving a bit. Chula Vista may not be the seat of luxury, but they’ve got cheap hotels and it’s not too far to drive. One of my first years, I was driving down each day from Carlsbad. Yeah, that sucked. But it was doable. And you know what, sometimes you just do what ya gotta do.

IMPORTANT. If you are driving in, make sure to register at ACE PARKING for parking spots. They’ve adopted a lottery system (what is up with all these stinkin’ lotteries?), so cross your fingers for a close spot. But regardless, most folks can find an Ace Parking lot somewhere downtown.

DON’T WHINE ABOUT IT. Something will work out–just keep at it. And don’t whine. There’s nothing worse than someone who HAS A BADGE (the golden ticket!) but whines about not being downtown. Sure, downtown is the best location, and once you’ve tipped your toe in those waters, it’s hard to go back to anything else. But believe me, you’ve got a bad to Comic-Con–you’re one of the lucky ones!


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