Stranger Things 3 Coming July 4! Let’s Explain the Brand New Trailer That Dropped on New Year’s Eve

Stranger Things 3 has officially been announced for July 4, 2019! Netflix gave fans everywhere the best New Year’s gift possible. Watch it here:


The trailer was cool but also kinda weird…. which, of course, is to be expected. But here are the main things that stood out.

The trailer begins with a video feed of Channel 5, WIYZ, from Hawkins, Indiana, showing the broadcast of Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Celebration, ringing in the year 1985…. brought to you by STARCOURT MALL…. From the previous trailer, we’re pretty sure that Starcourt Mall will play a big part in Season 3.

Next, we get a quick shot of computer code, with the following words highlighted: WHEN BLUE AND YELLOW MEET IN THE WEST.

That sounds eerie and cryptic enough, but then we see the computer script that says: RUN PROGRAM SilverCatFeeds

The trailer then starts turning upside down and flashing shots of a computer screen and fireworks, then displaying the words, “One Summer Can Change Everything…”

Polygon had this analysis:

The Stranger Things season three trailer offers two key clues as to where things might go in 1985: A computer screen with the highlighted phrase “When Blue and Yellow Meet in the West” and an hidden figure tapping out commands to launch the program “SilverCatFeeds.exe.”

What’s it mean? Stranger Things devotees are one step ahead with their detective work. In Netflix’s official making-of book Stranger Things: Worlds Turned Upside Down, published this past October, fans found morse code messages that, when decoded, spelled out some poetic-yet-suggestive messages.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly connected the dots between the blue and yellow colors mentioned in the messages and a throwaway “commercial” released over the summer of Hawkins’ hot, new destination: Starcourt Mall. Note the clock in this video.

Netflix also released the newest poster for Season 3. And to pile on the mystery, check out the creepy-looking “arms” in the foreground. Is it a Demogorgon?

Check it out right here:


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