Check Out This Awesome Batman Dance Party Video

It’s time to get grooooovy and cut loose with the 1960s Batman Dance Party. Our buddy, Isaac, has a media studio called Monster Truck Ninja, and they do some fun stuff. For this Batman throwdown, they took all the Instagram posts they made of Batman characters dancing and put them in a montage set to the ’66 theme song. Please tell us what you think. We hope you love it as much as we do! (Please share!)


A message from Isaac Woodby, owner, Monster Truck Ninja:

“None of Batman’s greatest heroes and villains can resist dancing to the Batman theme song. We brought together 40-some, animated characters from our Instagram page to make this fun dance party montage. Check out all the individual animations here:”

If you’d like to join the Batman Dance Party in virtual reality, then click here.

Monster Truck Ninja Is an international, design-centered animation studio that helps clients exceed their goals.

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