Here’s an amazing first look at the production of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, which is now in production. Watch first — we’ll discuss after.


BIGGEST FILM EVER? Could this POSSIBLY be the film that unseats Pandora as the biggest of all time? (not likely) Disney’s biggest film of all time is currently Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which racked up nearly $2 billion. Could Infinity War possibly top that? Of course, it’s split into two parts (well… sort of. The Russo Bro directors have since said that it’s not exactly a two-part movie. Yeah, whatever). Disney will just be printing money at this point.

WHAT NEXT? It’s hard to imagine where Marvel could possibly go after Infinity War. It’s seems that Marvel films have always been forward-looking, always building toward something. The “building action” of Phase I was the development of the Avengers as a super-hero team, which culminated in the biggest box-office for a super-hero movie of all time, The Avengers, and the fifth-biggest box-office overall (only four films have done better: Avatar, Titanic, Force Awakens, Jurassic World).

When the Infinity War is over, what does that mean? If the Cinematic Universe is anything like the comics, then perhaps a “wipe the slate” event could happen and the Marvel Cinematic Universe would start all over again from scratch — and Kevin Feige might see that as his time to “retire” from his grand magnum opus.

Which actors might be finished after Infinity Wars? My guess is that we’ll be waving goodbye to the following: Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffallo, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Scarlett Johansson,

Here are what some other outlets are saying:

MOVIE PILOT: “I know it’s difficult to wrap your head around but the current line of Avengers won’t last forever. Actors contracts will begin to run out, or the audience will tire of seeing the same characters in each movie, but more and more characters will begin to form the Avengers, meaning we’ll say goodbye to Captain America, Iron Man and Thor in due time. That is, however if they don’t all die in Infinity War. We might even say goodbye to the Avengers completely and see different comic book groups formed. We could see the formation of groups such as the Illuminati, which would be a great way for Marvel to shake things up and tell new stories.” Full article here >>>

DEN OF GEEK: The most obvious recourse is simply to replace the actors as they become too old, too expensive or too troublesome to appear in future movies. Indeed, this has already happened in a couple of cases, and Marvel may well point to the success of re-casting both Bruce Banner and James Rhodes during Phase One as proof that this is a perfectly valid approach that the audience will readily accept. … Arguably, whoever plays Bruce is less important to The Hulk than the actor playing Tony Stark is to Iron Man, or the person filling Steve Rogers’ boots is to Captain America. Full article here >>>

WHO DIES? As if I have to say it, possible SPOILER WARNING. Yeah, yeah, we know… no heroes actually ever die in comic books, because they keep bringing brought back to life somehow… well, because actors age, deaths actually DO happen on film…as evidence by the death of Quicksilver in Ultron — although, let’s be honest. Did anyone care?

Many are guessing that Chris Evans’ Captain America is about to bite the dust. Some are saying Vision won’t be long for this world.

PARENT HERALDBefore “Captain America: Civil War” hits the big screens earlier this year, there are reports suggesting that Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America will die. For those following the comics, yes, the superhero died in the Civil War. However, the movie adaptation diverged from it by choosing to let Cap live. However, many are still concerned with the Star-Spangled superhero’s fate. Some Marvel fans believe that Cap’s demise is just delayed. The Russo brothers told the Huffington Post that yes they are planning to ax the character. In fact, everything was already laid out, including Cap’s death. Full article here >>>

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